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Welcome to the
Land of
Prophets, Priests, and Kings
 Israel Trip
with Tom and Lori Guilliams
May 26-June 8, 2023

Tom and Lori-Norway.png

Please Consider joining us, Tom and Lori Guilliams, for an unforgettable trip to Israel led by Dr. Steve Notley. 


Tom has worked with Steve to prepare a unique itinerary that includes all the must-see sights, along with several additional locations that are rarely visited (including a stop and explanation of our own archeological dig at El Araj/Bethsaida). Whether this is your first trip to Israel or you are a returning pilgrim, there will be plenty to explore. Beyond that, your traveling companions will soon become treasured friends as you converse about life and the scriptures over shared meals. 


Take some time to explore this website, where you’ll find answers to many of your questions.  

Dr. Tom and Lori Guilliams

The Point Institute

Stevens Point, WI


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