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Israel Trip
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Hello, I am Sunya Notley of Emmaus Educational Services. I am delighted to partner with Glen Taylor for this unique travel opportunity to the land of Israel. I am serving as the trip administrator.

It is always a joy for me to assist various Christian ministries, churches, colleges and universities in the planning of their trip to the Holy Land. I welcome this occasion to assist you as we all work together to make your trip an opportunity for personal growth as well as an opportunity for a richer understanding of Scripture.

Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. I do encourage you to review the web material prepared for your trip. The web material is exhaustive and is there to assist you. 

Israel Government Protocols to Enter the Country

 Israel requires proof of insurance that covers all illnesses while in Israel.  

(See Insurance link in General Information tab.)

*Please note that Israel may change entry protocols, as determined by the Ministry of Health. 


Each individual participant is required to complete the Emmaus online Application, found in the Application tab above. Complete your Application even if you don't have a Passport at this time. You may supply your Passport information at a later date. 



If you do not have a passport for travel or if your passport expires before August 30, 2024 you can find assistance by going to the Passport and Visa tab above.


#3 PRIORITY: PASSPORT DOCUMENTATION  You are required to supply Emmaus a color copy of the picture-page of your passport. Your copy will be used to help verify travel documents and any visa requirements. See the Passport and Visa tab above for more information.



Once you have completed the online Application, please pay your $310 deposit to Emmaus Educational Services. See the Payment Schedule link for additional payment information.

Health and Travel Insurance

Please review the Insurance information in the General Info tab above for important information pertaining to health and travel insurance.


Sunya Notley, Administrator

Emmaus Educational Services
115 Franklin Turnpike, Suite 185
Mahway, NJ 07430
(845) 357-2090

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